K9 International Training Center

Our newly formed Training centre in 2019 emerged from a group of experienced consultants and trainers coming together to form the highest standard from within Canine training and deployment sector in the UK.

Situated 20 miles from Birmingham airport in the west midlands, next to a hotel in the countryside our training centre is based on a 12.5 acre site. 


Having class rooms, and purpose built training facilities on site along with our on site kennel housing for all our working dogs.

Clinical scent rooms to DSTL regulations for imprinting and assessments.

Qualifications & Courses We Provide

Having specialist courses across all working roles and needs for your section ranging from kennel assistance all the way to explosive and de-mining.

We work closely with our Consortium AKD in developing the right solution for your dog unit.

AKD & INTEROP develop innovative training programs for an evolving and complex threat environment to the Police, Military, Border / Customs, Maritime, Aviation, Private security and corporate specialists worldwide.  We understand threats from criminality and extremism are constantly changing, their actions are dynamic, and maintaining your effectiveness in your fight against them remains an enduring requirement.   Evolving threats posed by adversaries have matured from the single small arms or IED attack, to an ability to simultaneously employ conventional and non-conventional means adaptively in pursuit of their objectives. Adversaries form alliances, business agreements, and partnerships with other criminal, or sometimes legitimate organisations.

AKD have built a compendium of training courses which outline the core subjects, objectives, and content. This compendium will allow the customer to identify the training they require through a process of consultation and/or a training needs analysis (TNA) with staff who will identify exactly what is required thus, developing training tailored to their exacting needs. This compendium is not a definitive list of courses available; AKD / INTEROP can design additional courses specific to the customer on request.



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